About Us

Founded during the Pandemic, DiCinno Law Offices, LLC shares a simple commitment to fight, fight, and fight for our clients, whether your issue is civil or criminal. All too often law firms take money from clients while promising them the moon, only to leave them in a worse position than when they started.

Whether you need to defend yourself against the government, or you have been taken advantage of and are fighting to get what is rightfully yours, give me a call today at 856-816-4022.

Daniel DiCinno

Hi, I'm Dan DiCinno and this is my law firm. Founded during the Pandemic, DiCinno Law Offices, LLC is a reflection of my deeply-held commitment to fight injustice.

As the son of a small business owner, I've seen countless people have to fight for their freedom and livelihood while still struggling to make ends meet. I got into this business to help people and everyday at work that is exactly what I do.

I graduated from Villanova Law School and my undergrad degree is in Law & Society from Philadelphia University (now called Jefferson). While in law school I interned at both a private criminal defense firm serving NJ & PA, and later I was a Certified Legal Intern with the Defender Association of Philadelphia. Since graduating in 2017, I have worked for a regional criminal defense firm and a Center City law office before going out on my own.